Frequently Asked Questions

Flex or Quick? What are the differences?
FLEX is a forward-facing stroller without the option of attaching a car seat or carry cot. It is a stroller on thick, strong, gel wheels and thick pipes. The stroller performs great in difficult area, has good front shock absorption, rich equipment and a convenient one-hand folding system. QUICK is a stroller with the option of reversable seat and it folds together with the seat attached both front and rear facing. For a stroller with this option, it is light, and when it is folded, it has really small dimensions (62.5 x 58 x 27 cm). It is possible to attach the carry cot and car seat, it can also cope well in more difficult terrain, it is well- equipped and it is easy to drive.
Czy koła w MUUVO Quick są żelowe czy gumowe?

Koła gumowe były w pierwszej wersji wózka w roku 2018 koła, natomiast żelowe są w wersji 2019. Gumowe koła są gładkie, a te żelowe są bieżnikowane, więc jeszcze lepiej poradzą sobie w terenie.

Is it possible to buy gel wheels?
Yes, a wheel set costs PLN 200.
What are the dimensions of the Quick seat?

Seat width – 32cm
Back height – 48cm
Seat length – 22cm
Footrest length – 20cm

How many inches are Quick's wheels?
10 on the back and 7.5 on the front
Has Flex got the possibility to install a car seat or a carrycot?
Unfortunately not.
Is it possible to install inflatable wheels in QUICK?  
No. There are gel wheels in Quick. They have the driving features of a pumped wheel with proper pressure. Their advantage is the reliability (failure-free) – it won’t get puncture.
What are the differences between Quick 2018 and 2019?

Thanks to your suggestions, we introduced the following changes in 2019:
BASKET: In the 2018 version, the basket is more built-up and mounted on the front zippers, while in the new version it is on the hooks. They are stronger than zippers (we know that they have to hold a lot), the basket has also the easier access from the front.
WHEELS: In the 2018 version wheels were rubber and smooth, while in the 2019 version they are gel and  remould.
LOGO: In the 2018 version, the logo on the side of the frame was in the form of a glossy sticker, while in the 2019 version the logo is printed matte.
STROLLER BOOTH: we changed the sewing around the backrest regulator, now the fabric does not fall under it, thanks to that the regulation is smoother. It was also possible to enlarge the window in the booth.

Is the complaint carried out directly by MUUVO or through the store where the purchase was made? How to send the stroller for repair?
The warranty is valid for 24 months. Complaints are made in the door to door system. It’s best to contact our service directly at + 48 507 98 38 29 / The service will order a courier who will pick up the damaged item or the entire stroller from you and deliver it immediately after the repair. Depending on the damage, repairs will take maximum of 14 days. We also consider complaints via private messages on Facebook and Instagram.
What safety certificate does Quick have?
The stroller has passed the European safety standard EN 1888: 2012. Recently, the stroller has also got a positive test result on the prEN-1888-2: 2018 norm, which increased the maximum weight of the transported child to 22kg.
What materials is the Quick stroller made of?
The construction is aluminum, while the fabrics are made of the latest version of synthetic fiber. These materials don’t cause allergy, have high air permeability, are resistant to solar radiation (we used an additional UV50 + filter) and are also very durable. The handle and bumper in the stroller is made of eco-leather, which has passed the tests for the content of harmful chemical compounds – no harmful compounds were detected in it.
What detergent can be used to wash materials so as not to destroy them?