Quick best for bad weather according to Mamy-mamom.pl ranking

When weather is getting more unfortunate, walking with your child become much more challenging. Appropriate stroller makes it a lot easier. While purchasing one, is important to pay attention on couple of elements thanks to which it handles even the most difficult weather conditions. Let’s read few reasons which made editors of mamy-mamom.pl website choose Quick as one of the best strollers for bad weather.

Wózek Quick 2 w terenie

1. The large, gel wheels of the Quick 2.0 stroller have 8 inches at the front and 11.5 inches at the rear. They have the driving characteristics of the pumped wheels and are failure-free.

2. Amazing shock absorption thanks to which Quick can effortlessly handle different terrains.

3. Innovative system OHS (One Hand Stroller) lets effortlessly drive and fold the stroller.

5. Deep basket under the seat.

6. All accessories included (rain cot, double-sided seat insert) gives our child a pleasant comfort no matter if it’s raining or snowing. 

7. Double-sided seat insert is adjusted to different seasons – winter & summer which gives our child always thermal comfort.

8. The expanded booth will give shelter on sunny days, good ventilation will provide gentle airflow, and the rain cover will protect against rain

We choose a carry cot!

To help you out choose a perfect carrycot we’ve prepared a detailed article describing all the differences.

We have three 2in1 strollers in our offer: Quick, Quick 2.0 oraz Slick.

We’re describing all of them below.


Slick – only XL carry cot


The XL carrycot is to be installed directly on a frame (without adapters).

To lift the XL carry cot you need to use an additional bumper (you cannot use a hood to lift the carry cot).

Hood adjustment does not require clicking the buttons, you just push it effortlessly back & forth

Niebieska gondola - Stick Blue Lush
Slick Blue Lush
Gondola Szara - Stick Grey Lush
Slick Grey Lush
Slick Graphite Lush
Slick Black Lush

Quick – only standard carry cot


The standard carry cot must be installed using adapters (included in a set).

To adjust a hood you need to click the buttons on both sides.

There is no additional bumper, so you simply lift it using a handle in a hood. 🙂

Gondola standardowa - Quick Rocky Grey
Quick Rocky Grey
Gondola do wózka Quick Carbon Graphite
Quick Carbon Graphite
Quick Onyx Black - gondola do wózka w kolorze czarnym
Quick Onyx Black
Wózek Quick z gondolą Deep Forest Green
Quick Deep Forrest Green

Quick 2.0 – optional standard or XL carry cot

You could freely choose the standard or XL carry cot. Please note that XL carry cot is installed lower than the standard one (because of adapters)

If you wish to watch the comparison of those two carry cots, please click on the video below (the comparison is after 3:12).

Standard carry cots

XL carry cots

It folds well 



Both standard and XL carry cot can be folded flatly.

What are the differences between Quick 2.0 and Slick?

We’re frequently asked which stroller to choose? That depends!


Do you live in an apartment building with elevator or in a tenement house on the 4th floor without elevator?

Does your car have a bigger or smaller trunk?

Are you a higher or rather shorter parent?🙂


Get to know the most important differences between these two strollers and buy the one most suitable for you!

Slick Graphite lush
Quick 2.0 Rocky Grey


Both Slick and Quick 2.0 seatings could be faced forwards and backwards.  

Slick forwards
Slick backwards
Quick 2.0 forwards
Quick 2.0 backwards


Quick 2.0 can be fold with seating placed both backward or forward, Slick only while seating is placed forward. After folding  the Slick stroller stands on its 4 wheels which makes it more scratch-resistant.

After folding the Quick stroller takes up less space. 

Złożony wózek Slick
Wózek dziecięcy Quick 2.0 po złożeniu
Quick 2.0



Slick has slightly higher backrest that allows using the stroller a little bit longer.

Slick’s seating is placed 2 cm higher, so it suits well higher parents😊 Length of Slick footrest is adjustable (in Quick 2.0 isn’t).


Backrest height: 51 cm

Seat width: 32 cm

Seat depth: 22 cm

Footrest height: 20 cm


Quick 2.0:

Backrest height: 48 cm

Seat width: 30 cm

Seat depth: 22 cm

Footrest height: 18 cm


Both strollers have large, gel wheels (8 inches at the front and 11.5 inches at the rear). They have the driving characteristics of the pumped wheels and are failure-free. They can handle any weather and terrain.

jesienny spacer w parku z dzieckiem w wózku
Quick 2.0


Quick 2.0 is lighter – the stroller wights 10,65 kg and Slick 12,50 kg😊